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We start by using a thermal imaging device to determine if your walls are sufficiently insulated. If not we use both fiberglass insulation and blown in cellulose to fill in all voids in walls, attics and basement areas. Walls are insulated using the modern densepack method which eliminates the settling that used to be a concern in blown in insulation. Surveys show over 75% of homes are under insulated.
Blower Door Assisted Air Sealing
By setting up a blower door test frame in an exterior door, we depressurize your home to show all locations air is infiltrating your home, and there are many locations where this occurs throughout your home.
Basement Weatherization
Includes insulation heating ducts, hot water pipes, sills and air sealing pipe chases, etc.
Attic Areas
We will seal all chimneys, pipe chases and top plates. Properly ventilate attic areas. This removes excess heat in summer, reduces mold and mildew and extends the life of your roof.
Replacement Windows and Doors
Windows provide views, ventilation and solar heating in the winter.